Working with Care Professionals

We offer advice and support to community care professionals to ensure that their clients are leading as fulfilling lives as they can in their local communities.

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How can we help?


We can:

  • Act as a ‘critical friend’ to help you to develop care plans that are ambitious, personalised and progressive

  • Research options and services for clients to access

  • Connect clients with community services and providers

  • Work in communities to develop and/or create services around client’s specific needs

  • Create or support the creation of social enterprises to provide volunteering and work opportunities

  • Provide on-the-job support for clients to access employment opportunities.

How we work

When you get in touch we will have an initial phone call about what you want to achieve and how we can help. We will then arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. We will then put a detailed plan together with full costs. 


You will pay an hourly rate for each hour/part hour, which will vary depending on the support you require. Details will be provided after an initial meeting. You will be invoiced for our services at the end of our project with you, or for longer projects, at agreed intervals.

Why do we want to help?

We want to work with you because we’ve been there! Our two founders have had long careers working with local communities, disability charities and social enterprises. They have also raised their own disabled young person to the point of work and leaving home.  


We want to help local communities to offer disabled people the same opportunities that we all expect; a feeling of belonging, feeling valued and being listened to. They should be able to take part, have choices, enjoy their community and give something back.

Get in touch

For more information, email us with a few details and we will arrange for an initial chat (free of charge) to see how we can help. Meet the next challenge with confidence.