Working with Social Enterprises

We create new social enterprises, as well as work with existing partners, to create fulfilling progression routes for young adults with learning disabilities through employment and work placement opportunities. This means that not only can we offer meaningful activities, but can provide real opportunities that provide much needed services to local communities.

How can we help?


We can:

  • Find out what our young people are good at, and the sorts of things they want to do

  • Research options with existing social enterprises for clients to access their opportunities

  • Connect clients with existing social enterprises

  • Explain to existing social enterprises how models of funding can work

  • Create (or support the creation of) social enterprises to provide volunteering and work opportunities

  • Provide on-the-job support for clients to access these employment & work opportunities.

How we work

We will be looking for opportunities ourselves, so you might find we contact you first! However; if you can see how we could work together, then do get in touch and we will have an initial phone call about ideas and how we can help. That’s often the most exciting stage! We will then arrange a meeting to discuss our ideas in detail. A detailed plan can then be created with full costs. 


There may be opportunities for ICD to join with partners to go for joint funding bids as well as being able to discuss other ways of generating the necessary income streams. 


There are many ways for this to work, including a straight-forward payment for our time and advice, joint funding bids, income sharing for enterprise activities and perhaps even future franchise options!

Why do we want to help?

Our two founders, Cindy and Gary, have had long careers working with local communities, disability charities and social enterprises. They have also raised their own disabled young person to the point of work and leaving home, so they know the pitfalls, the heartache, the lack of ambition and the barriers facing disabled people. Cindy and Gary also have many years of experience in creating and managing social enterprises. This ‘business’ model is the way forward for society, and those with learning disabilities should be a part of it. Social Enterprise works, and we have proved it!

Get in touch

For more information, email us with a few details and we will arrange for an initial chat (free of charge) to see how we can help. Meet the next challenge with confidence.