Our mission

We want to create clear and ambitious opportunities for young people with learning disabilities that will enrich their future and, especially, help prepare them for adulthood. We will work with families, care professionals and the community they live in to develop new and exciting opportunities that will maximise their potential.


Navigating the system

We want to ensure that all young people have the same access to an ambitious future. Our aim is to help provide families with clear, up-to-date information that will expand the opportunities available to their young person. We want to be the friendly face that can be there to answer questions, and help navigate the care system.


Engaging Communities

Our aim is to create and maintain great relationships with community partners, so that they have all the information they need to be able to provide exciting opportunities for young people with learning disabilities. Our hope is to help communities to gain a better understanding of how they can be more accessible for young people, and how they improve connections with families.


Changing the system

We want to support education, health and care commissioners and influence strategies to be inclusive, ambitious and innovative. We want accommodation and care providers to be able to influence care planning, and offer innovative services and brokerage. We hope to help care professionals to make changes in the system for the better, including developing care plans that are the best they can be, and providing associated funding to create more innovative and personalised options for transition. Our aim is to create great relationships and links with schools and colleges to provide personalised learning opportunities.