Meet the team

They might have the occasional lightsaber battle in the office; but our team are dedicated, passionate, fun and hard-working! 


Favourite books: The Wide Sargasso Sea, The Kite Runner, The Remains of the Day

Favourite quote: ‘Deeds, not words!’

Most common phrase: ‘Turn it down!’ (to Gary and her girls)

Cindy Cliffe

Director of Stuff (DoSy)

Originally in HR Management and Training, Cindy ‘re-branded’ after finding herself the parent of a child with autism and ADHD. After spending 20 years working for disability charities in leadership roles, she formed ICD in 2020 with her partner Gary, to address the inequalities in adult life outcomes for disabled people. 


In her spare time, Cindy loves reading, keeping fit and visiting art galleries. She enjoys cooking and eating her younger daughter’s baking, and is an active Rotarian. She constantly bores Gary with her love of ‘heavy going’ films and likes reading poetry out loud. 


Favourite books: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari and Mitch Rapp thrillers

Favourite quote: “Heaven is a journey not a destination”

Most common phrase: ‘that’s the centrality of paradox’... (yes I know...)!

Gary Cliffe

Director of Boring Bits (DoBBy)

Originally working in financial services, Gary retired in his late twenties (got bored and took 5 years off)! He used this time to develop his love of computers, learnt all about setting up a business and doing accounts and volunteered at Citizens Advice Bureau. It was here he found his passion for fighting for the underdog and, with his dearly missed friend Deina, started Furniture Finders of Winsford in 1997 - his first social enterprise. The rest as they say… is on LinkedIn!


In his spare time, Gary reads boring books, talks about the organisations he would like to set up, cycles (yes in lycra) and flies a microlight aeroplane (but not often enough).


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