Our values

We care about the young people with learning disabilities and/or autism in our communities, and want to help those who are supporting them in their journey. As a business, and as people, we have five key values that we feel are very close to our hearts.

Ambition - Orange.png


We believe that ambition is for everyone; regardless of whether you have a learning disability or not. More challenging and stimulating opportunities is what we feel is needed for young people with special needs to grow. We want fellow care professionals and communities to join us in expecting ambition for these individuals.

Choice - Orange.png


Having choices in life means that we can find the right fit for us, allowing us to pursue our passions. We value the choices that young disabled people should have access to; and we want them to have the chance to find opportunities that are right for them. We believe in supporting communities in creating more choices for everyone.

Growth - Orange.png


Growth is a huge part of life, and is something that can bring a sense of achievement and happiness. There is nothing more special than seeing someone challenging themselves and doing something they never thought they could do! We celebrate growth and learning in communities, care systems and of course, individuals.

Innovation - Orange.png


We feel that innovation is our future, and that opportunities for those with learning disabilities should be creative, exciting and adventurous. We want to see our communities full of more unique learning tools and exciting challenges for young people with learning disabilities or autism to get involved in.

Support - Orange.png


We believe in people coming together and supporting one another through the highs and the lows. Disability support is highly important to us, and we want to ensure that whoever we cross paths with is getting the support they need in order to grow and be happy. Honesty is also the best policy - so we will always be open and truthful.