Inclusive VR

ICD are excited to be working with Vivo Care Choices and The Autism Hub to deliver Inclusive VR (IVR), an exciting new enterprise being delivered at The Autism Hub, Bluecoat, Chester.

From 20th May 21 we have begun offering sessions at the Autism Hub every Thursday. Click here to find out what the Autism Hub has to say about the project.

Click here to see a flyer about the programme.

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How will it work?


Everyone attending will be taught how to use Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to experience virtual reality and given the opportunity to play board games and other games such as Wii (with lots of options for varied skill levels). The VR and Wii will be shared on a TV screen enabling the activities to be shared for fun (and to enable support to access the experiences on the Head Mounted Displays).


Rather than these sessions being purely about providing “activities” they are rather an opportunity for progression in a number of different ways. Virtual Reality experiences lend themselves to learning in a safe and structured way.

VR experiences, other games and activities would help in developing life, developmental and social skills such as:

○  attention span

○  manual dexterity

○  hand/eye coordination

○  sharing

○  following instructions

○  sharing attention

○  cause & effect

○  more specific skills such as understanding what a job involves (specialist VR          application)

Who would benefit from these sessions?

 There are three potential avenues for individuals who:

●  Will achieve some skill development but for whom these sessions will be essentially fun and socialisation

●  Will be able to develop into future volunteers and who will be able to progress to providing help to others

●  Will be able to help develop VR experiences and potentially work in this field


All three are central to developing the IVR offer, and will be actively encouraged to influence our future developments. We also aspire to create jobs.


There are a number of different models so please contact us to discuss.


VR experiences can take a variety of different forms, from immersive 360° videos to fully interactive games of all paces and difficulties. The range of content available means the experiences can be tailored to individuals with varying levels of dexterity, attention span, and hand/eye coordination.


Future Plans - many ways to come and join in!


We are immediately looking for volunteers/students to come and support not only the VR/gaming sessions themselves but to help in developing research into how we can use XR technologies to enhance the lives of those with learning difficulties and/or autism


In the medium term we would like to take advantage of available office or retail spaces and opportunities and expand Inclusive VR to other partners in Cheshire.


We would also like to develop XR experiences for those with Learning Difficulties and/or Autism in partnership with developers, Universities, XR businesses and with the co-production of our clients and volunteers. 

Get in touch

For more information on how you or your organisation can take advantage of a VR session, email or ring us and we will arrange for a visit for you to see whats on offer for yourself