ICD working with The Autism Hub to create Virtual Reality!

Inclusive Community Development (ICD) exists to create opportunities, and to initiate social enterprises that create opportunities for paid employment, volunteer working and to provide engaging activities, as well as ambitious progression for those with learning disabilities and/or autism. (LD/A).

We are excited to be working with Vivo Care Choices and The Autism Hub to deliver Inclusive VR (IVR), an exciting new enterprise to be delivered at The Autism Hub, Bluecoat, Chester.

The Autism Hub has been set up for the purpose of being the “go to” place for autistic adults for diagnosis, post diagnostic support, information, signposting, advice & guidance as well as to provide a space for meaningful and engaging activities.

The ambition for IVR is to create a Virtual Reality and Gaming Cafe experience at the Hub that provides fun but progressive activities on a supported session basis. Three individuals per session will be taught how to use Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to experience virtual reality and given the opportunity to play board games and other games such as Wii (with lots of options for varied skill levels). The VR and Wii will be shared on a TV screen enabling the activities to be shared for fun (and to enable support to access the experiences on the Head Mounted Displays).

If you want to get involved and take advantage for yourself or your clients/residents then do get in touch

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