What we do

Young people with learning disabilities often miss out on the chance to do something that is both challenging and personally rewarding. Our aim is to change that. We work with individuals, families, community partners and care professionals to help provide progressive opportunities for these young people that allows them to grow and be ambitious.


Young People and their Families

We work directly with young people with disabilities and their families to navigate the education, health and care system. Our aim is to help provide a clear and ambitious pathway into adulthood.

Services we provide


There are many ways in which we can help you: 

  • Establishing aspirations, hopes and wishes

  • Support with completing Education, Health and Care Plans to maximise provision and funding

  • Helping complete Social Care Plans to maximise provision and funding 

  • Preparing you for meetings with accompanying paperwork 

  • Attending meetings with schools and social services

  • Identification of strengths and areas for development

  • Clarifying target areas to work on

  • Researching future options, services, work and community placements

  • Connecting families with community services and providers

  • Monitoring progression

  • Managing relationships with placement providers.


Creating more accessible work experience, developing inclusive future plans and advising on funding are just a few ways in which we can support communities. We want to see communities thrive and young people with disabilities involved in all the exciting opportunities they have to offer.

Services we provide

Ways that we can support you include:

  • Advice on how to make services inclusive 

  • Advice and support to provide work and volunteering placements for disabled people

  • Advice on funding placements

  • Support to develop activities and social enterprise opportunities

  • Support to look at volunteering opportunities.

Care Professionals

We truly recognise the importance of professionals within the care system. We want to work with you to help develop effective and personalised care models within social enterprises and local communities for young people with disabilities.

Services we provide

Ways that we can support you include:

  • Support to make care plans ambitious, creative and personalised

  • Researching living, education, employment and social options and services

  • Connecting clients with community services and providers

  • Support to link professionals with existing services and social enterprises

  • Identifying gaps in local services and creating positive solutions 

  • Developing new services and social enterprises.


Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises are a key part of any community, which is why we develop ambitious and innovative opportunities using a Social Enterprise model to support young people with disabilities. We also work with existing Social Enterprises to help them to become more accessible by offering advice and support.

Services we provide

We offer: 

  • Support to existing Social Enterprises to connect with clients and enhance their offer

  • Help with the creation and management of new Social Enterprises

  • Support to communities to create Social Enterprise opportunities.