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Are you passionate about inclusivity and diversity?

Do you want to be part of a team that goes above and beyond?

Do you have what it takes to win a lightsaber battle with our Director, Gary (and not take life too seriously)?

If you are intrigued - then you could be a great addition to Inclusive Community Development. 

Don’t wait for a vacancy…..

We are building a range of opportunities for disabled young people and adults, and would be interested to hear from you if you believe you could help us to develop these services. We need to have a bank of quality, experienced staff who we can call on when opportunities arise. So as the title says - don’t wait for a vacancy. If you enjoy supporting disabled and/or autistic young people and adults to be the best  they can be, contact us using the form below. We may have a suitable opportunity straight away, or we may keep your contact details for when an opportunity arises. The thing is…..quality staff are everything. So if we have that bank of staff with a wide range of interests and experience, we can grab new opportunities at the early idea stage and develop services with really sound support, which will deliver the best outcomes. 


You don’t need to be a care professional. You may be a parent who has lived experience to share. Perhaps you are a Teacher, Teaching Assistant or Care/Support Worker, who wants to do more with your skills; or maybe you have a particular skill that you’d love to share with a disabled young person - gardening, crafts, IT, cookery, e-commerce etc. You may be interested in a full-time role, or you may want just a few hours. It may be your only role, or perhaps alongside another job. Let us know…...

Commercial & Research Partners...

As part of our development we have become involved in the use of Virtual Reality with autistic people and are having really interesting conversations with the following types of organisations and individuals:

  • Autism research

  • Virtual Reality and Web Developers

  • Gaming Developers

  • IT engineers

  • Universities ( Computer Science, VR development, Phsycology & Research deps)

  • Therapeutic VR solutions companies

  • Those involved in Haptic and Neurofeedback solutions

If you are interested and want to open discussions then do get in touch.

Work with us

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